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1.5 oz “wet laid” biodegradable adhesive non woven stablizer With the best and most needle friendly adhesive used in sewing – to date!


It is used in "hoopless" or clamp type embroidery applications for hard to hoop items such as heavy towels, CD cases, backpacks, cuffs, collars, socks etc.

With Eco Stick embroidery in every area is possible.

It is used for fabrics that can be marred by the hooping process to avoid hoop "ring burn" like velvet, suede, ultra suede, some leathers , satins. and other delicate fabrics.

Eco Stick utilizes the latest and the most needle friendly adhesive available. It will avoid gummy build up and residue on needles and hoops which can lead to excessive thread breaks.

Please note that Eco Stick will support medium density stitch counts up to
Approximately 6,000 - 8,000 stitches. For higher and more dense stitch counts just add another layer of tearaway - hooped or "floated" under the hoop.

Please note: With adhesive stabilizers we always suggest that embroiderers slow down their machines about half of normal and use titanium needles and or silicone spray wiped on the needles.

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