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Sale price: $135.00
White 46" x 50yds
80% Polyester / 20% Cellulose

Pattern-Ease Nonwoven Tracing Material

Preserve your original patterns by using HTC Retail’s Pattern-Ease, #3100, to make durable copies. It’s made of 80% polyester/20% cellulose so it will not tear easily, and it is strong enough to be used repeatedly and last for years.

You can trace on this material in pencil, pen, or chalk to design or duplicate a pattern that is then used to cut out the appropriate material. It also can be run through an inkjet or laser printer or copier.

For support, it can be used as a light interfacing for sewing projects or as a stabilizer for light embroidery projects.  

For embroidery, Pattern Ease adds body and support to fabric during machine stitching. Simply tear away when the work is done. It can be machine washed on warm and dried at a low setting. Iron on the permanent press setting.

Strips of Pattern Ease under seams will stabilize and keep fabric from getting caught in the machine. It also prevents seams from puckering. This white material comes on a 46-inch wide bolt in a length of 50 yards. It is stronger and more opaque than standard paper products.

Customer Reviews

Review by  sewing
(posted on Feb 27, 2013)

have used for years, greatest thing since white bread!
Review by  Sheila Soyars-Pate
(posted on Apr 03, 2011)
I just discovered Pattern-Ease within the past 2 years and it is an awesome tool for creating and/or tracing patterns.
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